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WEEEEE! I now have the Princess and the Frog sheet music for Piano!!! I am happy!!

Decided to do one more

I painted Ray... because I love him.

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To Jamie

A Tiana for Jamie. I don't like how the scanner changed the colors... but ah well.

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Burned my freakin hand

Yes. I burned my hand with boiling caramel ( WAS SO NOT MY FAULT ) and now I have huge burn blisters all over my right hand and three of my fingers are bandaged up so i can't move them.

I am so very special. But of course... I would only get injured in the pursuit of food.

Dude, Justin is awesome for letting me copy his Family Guy episodes onto my computer.... though doing it at  2 in the morning was a tad bit odd.



Wow... how long has it been since I've used my LJ ? Definitely was sometime before I moved out...

Anyway. Jamie, Jenny says you need to give her an answer about mom and dads xmas present and because I am lazy this is how I am choosing to convey the message.

Wolfram Tablet Portrait

Knowing me...with a new tablet Wolfram was bound to come up ^^

Still learning on the tablet.... figuring stuffs out.

...except for when that creepy guy kept trying to get me to use his on the plane....o_O

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My Newest DOODLE!!!!!

Newest creation, its kind of big....sooooo......

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